Yoshihiko Sagami (相模 芳彦 Sagami Yoshihiko?) is one of the Divers and the partner of Kazuki Minase. Once a member of a military special forces unit, he is highly skilled in combat. He has the ability to calmly make decisions based on the situation and take appropriate action. He can be strict at times with Kazuki, but is a caring and reliable older brother type. He is deadly with any weapon, from heavy firearms to knives.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

  • The name Yoshihiko means "fragrant, virtuous, beautiful" (芳) (yoshi) and "boy, prince" (彦) (hiko).
  • Yoshihiko's surname Sagami means "phase, aspect, countenance" (相) (saga) and "imitation, copy, mock" (模) (mi).

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